To Play With Fire You Risk Getting Burned… – Entry 39

Dear Diary

I’m a bit upset. I let a conversation with Karate Kid go too far. I decided to be sassy as he is taking forever to actually ask me out and I don’t think it’ll ever happen. I don’t understand why he has strung me along for so long with no good intentions.

The conversation went as follows in reference to his last message – Lol…not my fault that your black bra wants to free itself for me

KK – Lol no response??? Should I be worried that you’re scared of me?

Me – Lol I thought the convo ended there

KK – Does it count if I strip all my clothes off first before I pick you up? :p

Me – Lol, yes that would count

KK –How about I wear1 million extra layers of clothes…there isnoway you can remove them when you can’t control yourself?

Me – Lol do as you please (as long as you keep them on)

KK – Wait…did you just admit that you can’t control yourself?

Me – I’m too hot to handle – it’s okay that you’re struggling

KK – Hahaha how am I struggling? And still you fall back on that…tickets….

Me – I’m bored! Good night

KK – Lol bored? Fine…go away.

Me (feeling a bit bad) – Naww poor KK. I hope I didn’t upset you. Good night

KK – Hahaha takes more than a silly girl to upset me : ) …still go away….

Me – Really? I can’t tell if you’re being serious

No response. Which, in itself, is a positive confirmation that he doesn’t want to talk with me again. I kind of feel really bad on the inside. I’ve never coped well with rejection before, now’s no different. Umm, this weekend when I do my performance will be awkward. Maybe if I’m lucky he won’t attend. How do I damage control this? I hope I feel better soon….


Image: [Jana Gouthova] ©

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