Crunch Time – Entry 38

Dear Diary

I caved. I replied to Karate Kid’s message, but this time I’d decided I was picking up my ball and leaving the playground with it.

To his message ‘Hello, it’s me. I was wondering if after all these years you’d like to meet. To go over everything.’

I replied with ‘What’s that supposed to mean?

KK – They say that time’s supposed to heal ya, but I ain’t done much healing

Me (getting more irritated) – I don’t know what you want from me

KK – Hahahaha I guess you’re not an Adele fan…they were the lyrics from her song Hello…:p

Me (not impressed) – I know Hello, I just don’t understand why you text me random stuff

KK – It was a joke….so are you dancing tonight?

Me (I don’t feel like jokes and I don’t like things being swept under the carpet) – ….I just don’t understand what you want from me

KK then tries to call me, leaves a voice message as I’m on a call to a friend, and texts ‘call me’

I’m freaking out. Seriously? We have to talk about this, I’m not up to adulting tonight, or ever. What if he asks me out? I’m not ready to commit! He can’t make me commit! All I want is him to admit he likes me and ask me out on a date.

My friend convinces me it’s time to be an adult and talk on the phone. Twenty minutes later I reply with: Was on a call, sorry!

KK – you OK?

Me (of course not!) – I’m fine, getting ready for bed – (not)

KK then calls and our conversation is weird. It pretty much goes; They were lyrics from Adele as a joke, I thought you were going to her concert – I didn’t go – ***awkward prolonged pause**** – Yeah, it was a joke – Okay, well I’m off to bed. Good night *Hang up*

I was restless going to bed as I wished I hadn’t sent those messages. I should have just ignored him like a sensible person would have. Too late now, but at least he won’t send harassing messages anymore.

6AM the next day….’Maybe I shouldn’t text you anymore…but you still owe me things’

Me (thinking – really?) – what things?

KK – Massages…maybe kisses if you’re lucky….actually I’m not sure if you’re fun to hang out with

Me – Lol. So confusing. I get the impression that you like flirting with ppl for kicks.

KK – Hahaha I like to do other things for kicks 😉 so when are you free? :p

Me – Free for what exactly?

KK – What’s the fun in telling you? I guess you’re scared. That’s okay…

Me – You should know that I don’t do hook ups nor go to boys houses’

KK – Hahahaha please…when did I say that???…was going to take you to do some fun outdoors activity to get to know you but I guess I shouldn’t now….

Me – I feel that I need that disclaimer, lol. Okay, I would be interested as long as clothes stay on at all times. Those are my terms

KK – Lol…not my fault that your black bra wants to free itself for me*

*That is a reference to a fortnight ago out dancing when I wore a strapless bra and it worked it’s way down multiple times whilst we were dancing. He must have seen down my shirt to first notice it was black. Yep – awkward.

Not sure if he’ll actually follow through with organising anything. I’ve decided not to be sending any messages his way as he needs to pick up his act.

The other concerning thing is that I have a solo dance performance at a dance party he’ll be going to next weekend. I’d like it to be a comfortable experience for me so not a good idea to be chasing him for a date. I don’t want him thinking or acting like I’m his. To be honest, I’m pretty satisfied with him suggesting a catch up. Maybe it was just curiosity that made me want to confirm his interest in me? Will see what unfolds.

By the way – Mr Farmer sent me a message today:

Girl: have you seen my friend Anastasia?

Guy: No, what’s she like?

Girl: She’s a vegetarian

Guy: Can’t say I’ve met herbivore

He seems like a keeper. That’s all I’m saying!


Image: [Jana Gouthova] ©

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