Sunday Sesh – Entry 37

Dear Diary

Mr Sunday was the brother of an ex-work colleague of mine so I felt more comfortable with meeting him. To be honest though, the excitement of meeting him wore of pretty quickly when I realised we didn’t have much in common.

We met at a popular part of the city next to the river at about 2pm. I was running a little early and realised on my way that I hadn’t eaten lunch and that food may not be part of his plan, so naturally stopped by a store and got myself an ice cream. After all, a lady needs to keep up her stamina. That decision paid off as it turns out.

Mr Sunday was very casual. He insinuated that I was overdressed for the occasion which may have been close to the truth. He should have known from my profile that I like to get dressed up, there’ll be no suing me for false advertising. I was in a modest lace dress with white wedge heels, pearl necklace and earrings, white large brim hat and natural-look daytime makeup – immaculate. He was in joggers, shorts and a check collar shirt.

We walked to where there was live music playing on the bank of the river and found a grassy patch to sit. We spoke about general things like work and travel. I was grateful I’d eaten ice cream before meeting with him. It was still very hot in the shade but I did my best to pretend it wasn’t bothering me. After half hour he suggested we go to one of the restaurants close by that would be cooler (best idea yet! Well, almost as good as my ice cream idea. Can’t beat ice cream).

At the restaurant we sat down and the waiter asked if we’d like to order food. Without missing a beat, Mr Sunday says ‘no, we aren’t ordering food today’. I thought about the ice cream I’d eaten – would that be enough to tide me over? I was irritated that he hadn’t considered if I would be interested in eating at all, so much so that I’d decided I’d be paying for my own food when I felt hungry. I drank table water and he had had about three drinks by the time I was ready to eat. I ordered the prawn dish and he actually did order a cured meat entree plate.

I can’t recall if he had another one or two drinks before we left. From conversation I learned that alcohol was a significant part of his life; neither something that I could empathise with nor attempt being the slightest interested in. He’d caught the bus to the river that day, planned as such so he could drink at his gusto.

The only conversation that we had that wasn’t strained or boring for me was about playing board games. I was happy when the date came to an end. He was a nice guy, just not the one for me. As we parted I said I’d had a nice time and he just looked at me. We awkwardly said goodbye and I figured I’d never hear from him again. I secretly hoped not to see his sister for a long time as I wouldn’t want to give feedback on the date with her boring brother.

To my surprise, when I got home he’d sent a message ‘Bugger! I didn’t crack one dad joke. I had a nice time. If you’d like to catch up again let me know’. Really? I thought he had just as much of an average time as I did! I think it’s best to let things die early on than suffer through an attempted courtship.

Two out of three isn’t so bad. Actually, it’s better than average.


Image: [Jana Gouthova] ©

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