Dating Marathon – Part 2 – Entry 36

Dear Diary

I’m pleased to report that Mr Saturday, or The Farmer as he’ll be called, was impressive. I did enjoy his company and learned a lot on our dinner date. Let’s start with our initial interaction online. His first message to me was ‘Where do you weigh pies?’, of course I had not a clue. He then sent through ‘Over a rainbow – sing it: somewhere over a rainbow weigh a pie’. I thought it was very clever!

Mr Farmer had been onsite on Thursday and Friday so out of contact until late Friday night. Apparently, he was fixing fences that morning so must have been tired when we met. Dinner was at a small bar close to where I lived. He specifically picked somewhere convenient for me which I appreciated. I was a little nervous at the start and so was he, but the conversation went well.

I discovered quickly that he was a highly intelligent man and quite possibly had a lot more to him than he was letting on. He has a small farm with cattle that he hires out with AirBnB, he also writes articles, will be lecturing soon and does some sort of consulting in the agriculture sector. I didn’t want to pry too much so just listened. He had theories on how the future will look like with technology and jobs, health, human interaction and how culture influences a society – certainly a well read man. He also does triathlons and was fond of children. We laughed a few times and he did share one joke with me: ‘autocorrect is my enema’ I giggled a fair bit to that one, trying really hard not to snort.

The only awkward part of the date was the sliding door that looked like a push-pull door….fortunately for me the door remained unharmed and Mr Farmer confessed to also making the same misjudgement before I arrived.

He seemed a bit older; I wasn’t sure if he’d lied on his profile about being 34, or if working in agriculture had aged his skin. To be honest, I was more curious than anything, at the end of the day it didn’t matter too much.

The date ended nicely. We both exchanged pleasantries and expressed interest in seeing the other again. I felt a bit blown away by his intelligence and was curious to learn more about him. He has a triathlon on next weekend so I may not see him for a couple of weeks.

No word from Joey, he did say he was going dirt bike riding today. It could be hard choosing between the two if it came to it. Still early days though, and there’s still Mr Sunday to meet!


Image: [Jana Gouthova] ©

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