Spank? Oh my Gosh! – Entry 33

Dear Diary

It’s been a busy week this week. No word from Mr Policeman. I’m sure he’ll never contact me again.

Dance Teacher has invited me to a group gathering at his place this weekend. I knew that Karate Kid would be going too so decided it was less awkward if I didn’t go. I declined the offer without giving a reason.

I had an interesting text conversation with Karate Kid. This conversation took course over two days:

KK – Send me a photo of you acting professional in your work clothes lol

Me – Lol, why?

KK – Lol you’re no fun :p

Me – You do it then if you’re so fun

KK – LOL…so you want me to come to your workplace and take your photo? I’m shocked and scared…

Me – LOL! NO! I mean your own selfie! Of you!

KK – See…you miss me…naww princess…should I be worried?

Me – lol, I’m trying to make a point that you’re just as boring so shouldn’t judge

KK – What?…did you just admit that you’re boring?….hmmmm

Me – I’m too hot to handle. You’re boring. Where’s my pic? Lol

KK – Haha I can’t believe you just said that…do you always use that line to get your own way? Lol

Me – Sounds like someone is stalling as they couldn’t get a good selfie of themselves at work today

KK – Sounds like someone is changing topics…I would spank her if she were here right now lol

Me (trying not to be brutal and send rejecting signals) – lol! You’d have to catch me first!

KK – Haha deal 😉 I’m going to dance congress this weekend. What’s your schedule like for next week?

Me (thinking ‘finally!!’) – Um, I didn’t actually agree! Lol. Next wk I have a couple of things on.

KK – Haha you did!…see above..muhahaha looking forward to seeing you now!

Me – Bad!

KK – you can always try to stay away you know that? :p

Me – you want me to stay away?

KK – I want to spank you lol

Me – You’re extra cheeky tonight. Good night!

KK – I would be more if you were here

A bit of an eyebrow raising conversation I know, but promising as he alluded to my schedule next week which translates to a potential date in dating speak! Yay!


Image: [Jana Gouthova] ©

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