Planting the Seed – Entry 32

Dear Diary

It’s taken me a week, but I’m feeling whole again after Mr Policeman. I have done some reflection on the situation and it wasn’t quite right. To cancel twice in a row is odd. Maybe he’s married with children? I mean, if overtime is that common why didn’t he prep me for it prior? It’d make it easier to digest. Either way, I wouldn’t want to be in a relationship where being cancelled on last minute is the norm, or where a lousy text message is sent instead of a genuine apology over the phone. The silly boy has no idea who he missed out on getting to know.

Last night, I went out dancing. Karate Kid was there. I’d already decided on how the conversation would be initiated. It would be as lady like and impartial as I could possibly craft it to be. After a couple of dances I said to him ‘were you drunk on New Years?’. Despite having caveman tendencies he understood where the conversation was going and we had a few dances and the conversation continued. The crux of the situation was that he thought alcohol didn’t matter as the intent was still there. My take on the situation was that alcohol makes people do things the wouldn’t usually do. Either way, he’d received the green light and I disappeared without saying goodbye with my usual Cinderella Act.

Dance Teacher was naturally there as it is his party. I didn’t dance with him that night as he didn’t approach me. I’m hoping that things progress with Karate Kid soon so as to avoid any awkwardness.

By the way, today Karate Kid sent a message that made me smile ‘Stop thinking about me :p

Maybe things are looking up!


Image: [Jana Gouthova] ©

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