Feeling Like Square One Again – Entry 34

Dear Diary

Karate kid has been sending through flirtatious and nonsense text messages. I really thought after giving him a signal two weeks ago that he would have taken some initiative and asked me out on a date. I’ve been very confused as he seems very interested, but maybe he doesn’t want a girlfriend? I find it hard to comprehend but maybe that’s the case. Our most recent text message conversation unfolded as follows:

KK – Omg so tired from the dance congress…I wonder if you can massage…

Me – Lol! I’m the one who needs a massage

KK – My price is high….

Me – Dare I ask how high?

KK – Hmmmmm my toilet does need cleaning….

Me – I’ll pass, thanks!

KK – Hahaha….so tough day at work?

Me – It was a good day. Still need a massage though lol. Yours?

KK – Looking forward to seeing this girl smile…but alas she lives on the other side of the city…

Me – You know, massages make me smile hehe

KK – You will probably give me a fake address…I’m not falling for that :p

Me – Lol 123 Sesame St. It’s okay, I’m being cheeky, I’ll book myself in for one.

KK – Hahaha but I need you to massage me….what is your address?

Me – Lol! No!

KK – So I guess you can’t massage… L at least I know you can cook…

Me – I have given you a mini massage before. You made me do it

KK – Are you sure?…I don’t recall this

Me – It was a while ago

KK – Ok, next time you massage me….if it’s good…I might give you a kiss. No promises OK!

Me – LOL! You mean I don’t have to wait until midnight next NYE?

KK – You must be happy 😉 good night

That was a few days ago. I don’t understand why he hasn’t asked me out on a date? I don’t know Diary, this dating thing is all very trying.


Image: [Jana Gouthova] © 123RF.com

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