The Photo Shoot – Entry 31

Dear Diary

It’s been an interesting weekend. The photo shoot for the upcoming performance took place at Dance Teacher’s house. I knew the photographer from the dance scene and was happy for Dance Teacher and his dance partner to be involved as well. It took hours and hours but we eventually got the shots we needed.

It wasn’t too awkward (surprisingly) being in the same room as Dance Teacher after his text messages. It was strange as his body language didn’t really show that he was interested in me so I figured that he was likely not that into me and may have just been testing the water.

Dance Teacher did post some photos of the photo shoot up on Facey. I soon received a message from someone who I didn’t expect to hear from again! It was George – the one that went travelling for a couple of months and then came back and tried to pressure me into teaching him how to dance (obviously, I declined this thoughtful invitation as I have better things to do with my time). We had one friend in common, the Dance Teacher’s housemate. He must have seen the photos.

George sent me through a friend request but no message. I thought this was a bit rude as I don’t just let anyone be friends with me on Facey, especially not users. I waited a few hours and then sent a message ‘George?’ to which he replied ‘Anastasia!? How are you?’.

Cutting a moderately-long story short I never accepted his friendship request and the conversation pretty much died as I was being particularly cautious. It just really perplexes me the nerve some people have. What was he thinking trying to convince me into teaching him how to dance? And then, to appear out of nowhere and want to stalk my profile? That isn’t a compliment in my books.


Image: [Jana Gouthova] ©

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