I Don’t Do Group Dates – Entry 30

Dear Diary

It’s been a couple of days of text chatting with the Latino Bodybuilder. He is really nice and seems super keen. He eventually asked me out to the movies. Three reservations that I have were; movies are antisocial date options when first meeting someone, he left it until a day before and he wanted to go with our mutual friend who was trying to set us up.

Men need to learn that I need more notice than a day for a date. I’m a busy lady with lots going on. He’s picked prime time on the weekend too so of course I’ve already got plans. The other gripe is that a group outing to the movies is not my idea of a first date. How are we meant to talk and get to know each other with a chaperone right there that has his best interests ahead of mine? Sounded like a recipe for disaster.

When I declined his invitation he seemed surprised. Let’s see if he can dust himself off after this one and get the courage to ask me out like a real man.


Image: [Jana Gouthova] © 123RF.com

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