Unwanted Help – Entry 29

Dear Diary

My friend has good intentions, I understand this. But, she should know better. It’s been a few months now that she’s been suggesting that I and an ex-colleague would make a good match.

She saw a moment of weakness when I was still metaphorically crouching in pain after being blown off by The Policeman, twice. She knows how to pick her moment, have got to give her that! I received about eight missed calls from her one day when I was at a board games event. She went as far to call a mutual friend at that same event and asked to speak with me. I was concerned until she told me what she had to say – she’s given the ex-colleague my number without my permission. I guess it’s easier to ask for forgiveness than permission.

A little bit of background. This ex-colleague is a Latino bodybuilder. He is a gorgeous looking man and has a good heart. His Father and Mother both worked in the same organisation so I knew them as well. It was four years ago that I worked there and I could tell he was interested in me. He was also interested in another female colleague who’d started on the same day as me. They ended up dating for a short time until people started gossiping and she called it off. Girl code dictates that he’s no longer a dating option for me, so he was effectively friend-zoned.

Fast forward until now. I don’t talk to the girl that he briefly dated any longer. Our mutual friend has suggested a few times that we’d make gorgeous babies and that she’d spoken with his Father and apparently he thought I’d be an amazing Daughter-in-law. Apparently, the Latino Bodybuilder has liked me for a long time but didn’t think I was interested hence going with the option of the other girl.

I checked my phone and he’d sent a message immediately after soliciting my number. He said that he was so happy to hear I was back in town and wanted to catch up. I wasn’t sure about how I felt about the situation so decided to leave replying for a bit later on.

I mean, maybe he’s not such a bad option. He’s a nice guy, fit and extremely good looking. I certainly make more money than him, but he’s studying to be a nurse so could support me later on if we had a family. His parents already approve of me, that’s a big plus. Hmmm I’ll think about it.


Image: [Jana Gouthova] © 123RF.com

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