News Flash – Entry 27

Dear Diary

So, I don’t quite know what to say, two bombshells within a week.

Number one – a mutual friend of The Lawyer and mine disclosed to me that he had confessed to her that he really liked me. He wasn’t sure how I felt about him so went with the option of the girl from dance that he knew was interested in him….From my reaction she could tell I was shocked. She tried to probe into my feelings about him and his new relationship. All I shared with her was that it’s too late now. She suggested that the relationship was still in it’s infancy and that there was still time to intervene. I explained that a lady doesn’t interfere with a relationship, no matter how fresh or stable it may be. I wasn’t prepared to have that karma on my conscience. Besides, the girlfriend has already decided I am a threat, she watches me like a hawk on the dance floor. The mutual friend followed on by saying she’d wished she’d said something earlier and gently asked me not to hold his choices against him if things didn’t work out with the new girlfriend.

I know that people may get excited when they come into possession of information like this, but for me it changed nothing. It is a big turn off to see a potential suitor flirting or caressing another female. To hear that he’d made the conscious decision to pursue another woman also made me lose respect for him – what sort of man was he? This information just reinforced my newly developed neutral feeling inside for him.

Bombshell two – So, whilst texting with Dance Teacher about photo shoot for an upcoming performance he sends through a random message saying he liked my profile….It didn’t flow with the conversation so I dismissed it as not intended for my eyes. We continued the conversation and he then refers to that message….I ask ‘was that message for me? I thought it was sent to the wrong person’. He follows up suggesting we talk about it another time as it was getting complicated. I then check my profile and surely enough…there’s a superlike from him….whaaaaaaaaa?

The reason for my shock is that I originally thought he was gay. Then, after a few months I thought he must just be very picky with girls and wasn’t interested in anyone at dance. I had decided that things would always be in friend zone for us and that I would never be considered potential girlfriend material for him. This development totally blindsided me. Now what? I see this man at least once a week and he runs the parties I like to go to. This is dangerous territory as it could compromise my dancing pleasure! Help.


Image: [Jana Gouthova] ©

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