Maybe it was How the Date Ended… – Entry 26

Dear Diary

I’ve been in la la land the past few days caught up with how amazing Mr Policeman is. I’ve told a lot of people at work about him as I was just overjoyed with finally having met someone normal and easy going.

I had also been thinking about how nice it would be to marry a Policeman. He has a uniform (and I do love men in uniform) and we could role play. He’s also a respected member of the community which I admire. The only issue could be my personal safety and that of our future children. I mean, there could be criminals out there wanting to do us harm – not too comfortable with that idea.

It had been three days and I hadn’t heard from him though. This concerned me a bit. One conversation with a male colleague opened my eyes. He confided that if a girl had ended the date the way I had that he would have taken it as a sign of rejection and never contacted her again.

I didn’t realise at the time but it could have come across as the lady wanting to get out of there quick smart. I had hit the wall and needed sleep, my brain shuts down when I’m tired and I find it hard to converse. After dessert, I looked at the counter and said ‘do you think they bring the bill to us? Or do we have to go up and pay?’ He said he wasn’t sure then tried to start another subject of conversation. Tired, I repeated ‘hmmm do you think they bring the bill to us? Or do we have to go up to pay?’. He understood the second time and offered to settle to bill. I did thank him for the nice evening but we did not discuss seeing each other again at the end of the date. A short survey at the workplace tearoom had majority agreeing that I’d sent the wrong signal.

General consensus was that I need to make contact so that he’d be sure I was interested. It is a rule of mine that a lady never initiates contact. He was such a gentleman though. I was rude and sent the wrong signals. After agonising for hours I settled with sending a short message:

Hey. Thanks for the lovely time the other day. Both food and company were wonderful. Hope your wk’s going well

He replied an hour later with: ‘Hey! So glad you wrote. I was thinking about you earlier. I had fun too. We should catch up again. If you’d like to as well, let me know when you’re free’.

He must have been waiting to see if I would contact him again. Lucky I sent a message! Looks like we are meeting up next week!


Image: [Jana Gouthova] ©

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