Date with the Policeman – Entry 25

Dear Diary

On Tuesday night I had my first date with the guy that had been sending me multiple messages on the undisclosed dating application for the couple of months that I wasn’t online. I must confess that I likely would have overlooked his profile initially but he had super-liked me and so I thought I’d give him a chance. Lucky I did as I had a wonderful time.

He was excellent at organisation. He picked a time, place and date! locked in with ease. He even picked one of my favourite (and most convenient) parts of the city to dine. The moment he told me that he was a policeman I relaxed. I thought that there was no way that this guy would be a threat as he was employed to protect. I also felt a little at unease as I wasn’t sure how much access to my personal details he had prior to us meeting. I was also very mindful to not admit to anything illegal that I may have done (I thought really hard about if I had anything to hide…not that I could think of – phew!).

We laughed a fair bit and he told me about how he’d like to learn Flamenco. I thought this was a bit strange but he seemed nice enough. He was certainly a typical male who played football and drank with his friends. I usually don’t like beards, but I could see past his.

We ordered plates to share and the Waitress had forgot to give us cutlery so we resourcefully ate with our hands. It was lots of fun. He asked an appropriate amount of acceptable questions, not a barrage.

Part-way through the date I excused myself to the ladies and then sent a message to my friend to say that I was alive (safety code!). I told her that he was a Policeman so that everything would be okay.

When I got back to the table I struggled to get onto the stool. It was higher than your usual dining chair and table. When I say struggle, I mean struggle. I was trying to look elegant also which probably made it more painful. The Policeman watched me and was trying really hard not to laugh. I was mortified at how un-sexy I had been and said to him ‘How about I go away and then come back and do it again?’ we laughed and ordered dessert.

The Waitress came close to when I had finished dessert. She took away the Policeman’s plate and then tried to take away mine. I had not finished yet and had my utensils in the appropriate position on the plate to signal that I was not done. I looked at her horrified and said that I hadn’t finished. He blushed with embarrassment and apologised. When I realised what had happened I felt a bit embarrassed myself for being so protective over my last mouthful of chocolate fudge. I decided to embrace the awkward moment and ate the last bite and then stated ‘I’m finished now‘.  We laughed.

It was a Tuesday night and I was thinking about work the next day so I suggested that we get the bill. We walked to the car park and then hugged goodbye. No mention of catching up again. As I walked to my car I realised that if he noted my number plate he could potentially find out even more about me – did I have anything to hide? only that sometimes I don’t read parking signs properly and get fined – but I’ve always paid these fines and on time!

Let’s just hope that he contacts me again soon. I have a really good feeling about this one.


Image: [Jana Gouthova] ©

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