Turning Over a New Leaf – Entry 23

Dear Diary

After disappointments with Mr Policeman and Karate Kid I decided to pick myself up, glove up and get back in the boxing ring. There’s been no more word from Latino Bodybuilder either.

I updated my dating profile to actually say something in the description (instead of being blank). It now reads ‘I like nice guys and dad jokes’. The response has been reassuring and surprising. Each time I log into my account there a few funny jokes waiting for me and they make me smile! Why didn’t I confess to my love of a clever pun sooner? One potential sent me a message ‘Is this a trap? You like nice guys and dad jokes? I’m good at both’ to which I replied ‘Keep talking’ lol.

My plan of attack is to avoid the dance scene for a while as things are getting a bit to ‘crowded’ for lack of a better word. The Lawyer is there with his new GF, Karate Kid is a ticking time bomb who may act inappropriately towards me in public which would be embarrassing considering we are in a grey zone, and Dance Teacher is in the wings and I really don’t want to damage that friendship (nor make my dancing experience uncomfortable).

There’s a lot of dance on offer this weekend and I won’t be attending any event. I think Karate Kid will be wondering what I’m up to. It’s none of his business really as we aren’t dating. It’s easier this way than giving him his marching orders.

On the bright side, I’ve got some really good distractions for this weekend! In one evening of online dating conversations I have dates for this Friday, Saturday and Sunday! All with different men who seem lovely – and talented at dad jokes! Winning! I’m really hoping it goes well 😀


Image: [Jana Gouthova] © 123RF.com

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