The Group Weekend Getaway – Entry 22

Dear Diary

As promised, this is an overview of the weekend getaway.

The Dance Teacher who I took classes with for about a month last year decided to organise a group trip to the seaside. There were about 10 of us who ended up going. We pooled our money to hire a house for the weekend.

Karate Kid had been sending me teasing messages since he stole the kiss on NYE. I wasn’t sure exactly how I felt about what happened. I mean, he seemed like a nice enough guy when I observed him interacting with other people. He went as far to ask me if I was going to the weekend getaway – what time I was going – what time I was returning – and, where I lived in the city (which was on the opposite end to him). I was really excited as I thought he was going to offer to drive us to and from….I was wrong. After he got the information he stated that it was probably out of my way, but still asked if I could ‘chauffeur’ him – not impressed.

I was shocked as that option had not crossed my mind. He’s the man trying to win my heart, he should be showing me how much of a provider he can be – not bumming a lift of me! I was offended by this suggestion and even more so when he said that he needed to be back in the city by 3:00pm on the Sunday for some social gathering he had planned…Let’s just say I conveniently had ‘plans’ and wanted to spend many hours shopping and catching up with friends near the coastal town on the Sunday. What a shame.

I arrived late afternoon to the beach house. Most people were there already, including Karate Kid. It was a bit strange in that it was as if a few people were pushing for Karate Kid and I to share the same room in the house.  I put my foot down immediately. I said I’d graciously accept the master bedroom with ensuite, but that it’d be over his dead body that I share a room with a man (Let’s keep it real, I’d rather be the one alive). I got my way. Karate Kid slept on the sofa and one of the other girls shared the room with me.

Things got interesting when one of the more reserved guys from the dance class, The Lawyer, seemed to take an interest in me. As Karate Kid had offended me I’d given up on any hope for a potential relationship with him, so I allowed The Lawyer to be nice to me. He was so nice that he would pour me drinks, give me hugs and he even played along with my fair maiden persona – the one that liked to be carried. In fact, he’d volunteer at night to lift me and carry me to my bed and place me gently down. I must say that I thoroughly enjoyed this type of treatment. Karate Kid did try just for fun, but he threw me on the bed – not impressed.

We all helped with cooking on the first night. We had dancing in the living room. At one stage the Dance Teacher came up to me and casually asked if I had any special someone on the horizon. I felt this question was directed at what my thoughts on Karate Kid were. I played it coy and laughed off his question. He asked me about one of my close male friends and I laughed again, explaining that he was homosexual so nothing would ever happen. I then changed the subject to avoid any more uncomfortable questions.

The next morning I woke up early. No one else was awake. I was hungry and so decided to cook the kilograms of beacon and eggs for breakfast for all. The Lawyer enjoyed this. Karate Kid was very quiet. It was a nice start to the day. The plan was for a walk to a lookout overlooking the ocean and then a late lunch at a trendy farm house restaurant.

The walk was fun. I was well covered up to protect my skin from the sun (I’m preserving myself for old age). Karate Kid asked me at one point: Aren’t you hot in that? Without missing a beat I replied with sass and a smile: I’m hot in everything. I laughed, but no one else really did, haha.

On the way to and at the lookout The Lawyer sat next to me and kept me company. He suggested that he could carry me if I was tired. I really appreciated this offer.

After the late lunch at the farm house restaurant we decided to swim at the beach. This was probably the highlight of the trip for me as we all played in the water. We had races and wrestling matches on each other’s shoulders, did surprise splash attacks on each other and just goofed around. It was so much fun. All the guys got to carry me around the water as well as I have a phobia of seaweed (don’t judge me, I can’t control it). It got to the stage where I’d call out to one of them and say: XX – carry me! and they would. I really enjoyed being treated like a Queen. Every so often one would dunk me in the water to bring me back to Earth, I may or may not have required this.

On the second and final day we went to see a waterfall. Karate Kid had left as he had his social gathering to attend. We walked for a few hours and the scenery was stunning. At the end we decided to get some lunch. Some of the girls didn’t like what was on offer at the first cafe we came to. I was getting hangry so couldn’t make an informed decision and quite honestly didn’t mind where we ate. They suggested that we eat down the road. I moaned saying I couldn’t possibly walk that far (tongue in cheek of course) and The Lawyer jumped at the opportunity. I said I was kidding around but he gave his backpack to one of the others and insisted that he piggyback me the 200 or so meters to the other cafe. It was fun! the Dance Teacher offered to share the load but The Lawyer insisted on carrying me the whole way haha. Such a great weekend.

We all parted ways after lunch and drove back to the city. Oh so nice to be treated like a Queen!


Image: [Jana Gouthova] ©

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