New Year’s Eve Magic – Entry 21

Dear Diary

It’s been a long time since I last wrote. It’s a busy time of year and I also have found that I haven’t had much luck with the undisclosed dating application that I signed up to in December.

Let’s start getting you back up to speed with the highlights and new potentials over the past few months:

Biggest news – NYE I was at a dance party. The usual people went so it’s a guaranteed fun night. One guy in particular, Karate Kid (as he studies martial arts) had been seemingly interested in me over the past few months. He was very shy at first and distant. I thought he was a bit of an odd guy so was happy for the space he gave me. He had asked for my number a few weeks before the party and had sent some playful but harmless text messages.

On NYE things were a bit different….he didn’t ask me to dance for most of the night. After the clock struck midnight he still hadn’t spoken to me. When I was dancing with some mutual friends he came up behind me and hit me over the head with a closed Chinese fan. I turn around and he hits at me again but this time on the buttocks. Naturally, I try to take it off him so that I can hit him back with it (I grew up with brothers, what can you expect?). We struggle for a bit then end up dancing. He asks me if he had already wished me happy New Year. I said I didn’t think he had. He opens his arms for what I thought would be a hug…and he kisses me!

Let’s get things straight. As a Contemporary Princess, I do not just let guys kiss me. I was embarrassed but also mindful of his feelings. It must have taken courage to do that. I tried to make a joke out of it and said that he was lucky that he hadn’t turned into a toad…he said we should try again in that case and leaned in to kiss me. I pulled away very quickly and told him he was behaving badly. We danced for a bit longer and then parted ways on the dance floor. I was a bit confused as to what just happened. Why could he just ask me out like a normal guy? I guessed he was a bit odd to start with so it probably didn’t even cross his mind.

There weren’t any other obvious advances that NYE. Karate Kid did ask me to dance a couple more times and did invade my personal space. I made it clear that I was not into kiss and tell…

I guess in a way I did get my New Year’s wish – to find love. But I wish I’d specified the form that it came in.

To be honest, Diary, I am flattered that he couldn’t control himself and wanted to kiss me. On the other hand, I am disturbed that people may have witnessed the kiss and be thinking that we are an item or that I’m easy. I don’t know anything about Karate Kid!

The next entry I will tell you about the group weekend getaway…


Image: [Jana Gouthova] ©

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