Maybe Online Dating Just Isn’t My Thing – Entry 20

Dear Diary

I went on one last date with the Tardy Teacher. He picked an Italian restaurant close to where I live. He seemed very enthusiastic organising it and I made sure that I was dressed up nicely for the occasion.

I got to the restaurant and waited outside patiently. After five minutes he comes out from inside the restaurant to greet me. I wish he’d sent a message to say that he was already there…

We sat down and spoke. The waitress had to ask twice if we were ready to order as we were so engrossed in our conversation we had not yet looked at the menu. It turned out that he is heavily involved in one of the local political parties. I found this intimidating and also attractive. He must be very passionate about politics to be involved – a passion that I admit to not sharing, nor understanding.

The conversation soon changed to me and my family. He asked some harmless probing questions. These simple questions I always find hard to answer as my family situation is complex. Not something that I openly share with those I’m just getting to know. To answer his question about what my brother does for work I answered as vaguely and honestly as possible: my brother can’t work. The Tardy Teacher had a shocked look on his face. We changed the subject after that.

At the end of the dinner he offered to pay. I thanked him for the gesture. He walked me a third of the way to my car and then excused himself to the bathroom. Maybe men aren’t as chivalrous as I’d like them to be these days? That or he really needed to go to the bathroom.

He sent me a message an hour after saying that he had a nice time. I didn’t reply as I got caught up with other things. I’d see him the next night anyway….which would turn out to be really awkward as he didn’t come up to ask me to dance….can guys really be that sensitive? I miss one text message and it’s interpreted as complete rejection? I thought I’d wait until he sent me another message asking me out again.

I think it’s time to change dating sites, Diary. The Tardy Teacher is on there. Mr Spark is on there. Mr Chef is still on the site also. He’s invited me out again to go to a museum…I really don’t want to give him the wrong impression so I’ll say that I’m busy again. A guy that I used to have a crush on a couple of years ago is on there too – I know this because he came up to me at a dance party the other week and asked me who the website was going….I gave him a stunned blank expression – why on Earth ask someone that unless you’re going to ask them out?

There’s another guy from the site that I had dinner with once that I haven’t mentioned yet. He works in the same profession as I do and he seemed nice enough over the internet. We met up and he was wearing a beanie….it was a chilly night, but it seriously destroyed any potential attraction that could have been between us. He seemed really nervous as well which also wasn’t appealing to me. We had a fun enough time but there was absolutely no chemistry for me. I ignored his texts after the date and then found myself talking to him over the phone about a month later for work purposes. Yes, I found it very challenging. I had to fax information to him as well so decided to change my name on the fax slightly – Anastance…I’m sure he knew exactly who it was but felt I should at least try to pretend that it wasn’t me!

I think it’s time to cancel the online dating site subscription and trial an undisclosed dating application. Perhaps, I’ll have more luck.


Image: [Jana Gouthova] ©

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