Date 3: Arcade and Movies – Entry 14

Dear Diary

It was a bit touch and go with organising this date. Mr Spark and I were meant to meet last weekend but he cancelled on me the morning of. He hadn’t made any plans really to cancel, we had only reserved the evening. His excuse was that he had a football game scheduled…

Now ladies, I don’t claim to be an expert on football (or any sports of that matter) but, I know enough to make an educated assumption that he would have known a few days in advance at what time he was playing. I also know that football games don’t go for a whole day. I was pretty devastated with this excuse for not being able to see me. So much so that I deleted his number. Then, I went through my call log and located his number so I could reply to his message a few hours later with: “hey, I was looking forward to catching up. Hope the game went well.”

To give you some background to the situation I must divulge that the night before the intended date we were at the same dance party. We had not discussed plans for said date and he saw me talking and laughing with another guy at the party. I can imagine that this could make some people feel jealous. He came over to break up the conversation to ask me to dance, but we didn’t talk about the date. I could tell he’d been drinking. After we danced he started talking with another girl. They spoke for a very long time and then danced three dances in a row. I was so upset that I disappeared hoping he didn’t see me leave….

A few days after cancelling he did end up pulling through. He asked me how I was going and the conversation rolled in to seeing each other on the weekend. The details of the plan came the day before. We’d meet at a shopping mall and have lunch and then movies. I was irritated at the previous cancellation but also really happy that he wanted to see me again, so I forgave him.

When we met he bought us some food to snack on and I got myself a berry smoothie. We then went to the arcade section of the shopping mall to pass some time before the movie started. We first played air hockey and I won every game. Naturally, I celebrated with a victory dance each time I scored. Next we played on the racing cars. Again, I won the race. I asked him if he was letting me win and he said no. We then went to a different section of the arcade and played a basket ball type game and again…I won. I was having an amazing time to say the least, I didn’t realise how competitive I was.

Afterwards, we went to the cinema. He purchased my ticket which was really sweet of him. He offered me a chocolate-covered ice cream cone but I declined. During the movie I coughed a few times. It was so hard not to! I felt a bit childish for most of the movie as Mr Spark put his hand on my knee and then held my hand for a bit. To be honest, I didn’t quite know what to do. I was a bit rigid and focused on the movie (which was hilarious by the way – the laughing was also bad for my cough haha).

At the end I thanked him for the movie and he suggested we look at the shops and get a drink. He tried to put his arm around my waist a couple of times but I’d have preferred if he’d held my hand. I was so confused as I wasn’t sure if we were just friends or more (reference to one of his initial text messages). I didn’t want to come across as easy so didn’t buy into his affection. Also, the pain from the previous cancellation was still fresh.

We spoke for a bit, mostly about him. His love of music, Prince and beans. I realised that he didn’t really ever ask me questions about me. I didn’t want to volunteer too much information either so kept quiet. After a bit I told him it was time for me to go. He walked me to the lifts of carpark and we had an awkward hug goodbye.

To be honest, Diary, I left that date feeling more confused than ever. I was silently hopeful that I’d hear from him again.


Image: [Jana Gouthova] ©

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