Everyone likes Thai – Entry 13

Dear Diary

There’s a little to catch you up on since the last entry. Mr Spark followed through with his suggestion for a second date. We ended up going for dinner at a restaurant close to my house – Thai, as he figured most people loved Thai.

A little bit of background to set the scene; after the first date we matched on a dating site…he sent me a message with an irritated tone ‘why are you on the site when we have been on a date?’. I was quietly satisfied that he was annoyed as it meant he cared. I also held my tongue about the irony of him questioning my continued subscription to a dating site when he’d obviously been on it to see my profile…..

Moving forward to the date at the Thai restaurant. I was a little nervous meeting him that night. I made sure I was looking amazing. This time I wore my black lace dress with black Spanish leather stilettos, hair straightened and out, red lipstick and dazzling cubic zirconia earrings. This outfit is usually worn on the first date, but I’d gone with the pale pink ballet-type dress to impress for him the first date. He looked rather fetching in a collared shirt, pants and dress shoes. I do have a weak spot for men in collared shirts (shhh don’t tell anyone!).

We spoke a bit over dinner and I learned that he was extremely intelligent – as in top marks in university and very good at his engineering job. I found this very attractive. He also mentioned his desire to do a PhD which I wasn’t so excited about as it meant I wouldn’t hardly see him. He also spoke about how much he loved playing soccer, how he wanted to make more friends and that he loved beans (again). His laugh was somewhat disjointed and gregarious but I kind of liked it as it was unique to him. I hoped that it wouldn’t end up annoying me one day.

The romantic highlights of the night were when he asked me what my favourite cuisine was so that he could organise our next dinner. He also suggested that we go for a walk to a nearby park to play on the equipment. I thought that this was really cute and I enjoyed walking with him. We spoke a bit about childhood and then he mentioned how he has money saved for ‘if a woman ever ties him down‘. This last part ticked me off a bit as I was offended that he’d entertain the idea of me wanting to ‘tie him down’ – hmphff.

At the end we walked to his car and I didn’t let him kiss me as I wasn’t sure if we were friends or more (reference to his first invitation to meet). I wanted to keep it cool in case he only wanted to be friends. I wasn’t impressed that I had to walk a block to get to my car in the dark alone after saying goodbye. Saying that, I would see him again if he asked me out.

Surf guy sent me a message on Facey asking if I was still single and if I was interested in catching up for coffee. I responded yes and yes, so let’s see what happens! He hasn’t suggested a date, time or place yet. Fingers crossed he pulls through.


Image: [Jana Gouthova] © 123RF.com

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