The Date I’d Been Dreaming Of… – Entry 11

Dear Diary

I can’t believe that it finally happened! A date with Mr Spark! I’ve had the biggest crush on this man since seeing him at a dance party two years ago! and finally, we had a date.

The evening was not as romantic as I would have liked for such a significant event, but I’m sure it could work up to it. He had picked a restaurant in a nice part of the city, but called me about an hour beforehand alerting me to a football match that was on in that suburb rendering parking impossible.

He damage-controlled the situation quite well I believe, as he suggested that he drive all the way to me to save us both battling the city traffic. He picked the same shopping centre that I’d previously been on dates at earlier in the month with The Englishman and Mr Latino. I wondered if staff at the restaurants would recognise me and would notice that I was with a different man…

Naturally, having less distance to travel, I arrived first. I stood patiently at the front of the food-court end of the shopping centre making sure that I looked as cute as a button for when he arrived. When he did eventually arrive he apologised profusely and asked if I could suggest any place to eat as I was the local. I hesitated and said I hadn’t been out eating much since moving (almost a white lie, as ‘not much’ could mean twice or ten times depending on the person). He suggested that we get a drink first and we went to a casual bar on the outside of the shopping centre and chatted for a bit. I walked proudly as if it was the first time I’d been there and avoided eye contact with the staff.

I’ve always been reserved and don’t speak much when I’m out of my comfort zone or disengaged. I also deliberately don’t speak much on the first date so that I can learn as much as possible about the other person. He asked me about what foods I eat and any sports that I play. Soon though, the conversation turned to him and I learned that he worked too much, really liked eating healthily, had taken up soccer (and would prefer this over dancing) and wanted to make more friends this year.

When it came for time to eat he suggested a place close by in the food court. It was Mexican and had beans on the menu, and he loved beans! He didn’t really ask me what I wanted to eat, but I was happy with the plan considering it was a last minute change of game plan. We ordered and he paid for my vegetarian nachos which was really nice. He asked if I was vegetarian (of course not!) and was happy to hear my rationalisation that I’d already eaten meat that day so didn’t need it again for dinner. He apologised again for being late and taking me to somewhere so casual. He did say that I looked nice as well, which I appreciated hearing.

I had to pinch myself a few times over the course of the evening as I couldn’t believe that I was on a date with Mr Spark and that it seemed as though he was interested in me as well. I was trying hard to gauge how interested he was in me and also what his intentions were. Could it be that he knew that I was completely head over heels for him and wanted to take advantage of the situation? He seemed a little rough around the edges, but a gentleman nonetheless. His laugh was somewhat hideous, but I felt it could grow on me.

At the end of the night he walked me to my car. He carried my leftovers for me and asked if I liked movies. When we got to my car he opened the car door for me, which I appreciated. I wasn’t prepared to let him kiss me as it was early days. We both said that we had a nice time and he didn’t mention catching up again.

I felt like I was on cloud 9 after that date, but also confused – were we maybe friends or maybe more? It was a surreal feeling having finally spent one-on-one time with a man that I’d literally been dreaming of for the past two years. Once in my dream he held my hand and if felt so real. I wonder if he’s the one?

If you haven’t noticed, my car is now working! Time to start planning the big move out.


Image: [Jana Gouthova] ©

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