Change on the Horizon – Entry 10

Dear Diary

It has been an eventful weekend to say the least. I was meant to go out dancing last night but my almost-new car broke down a few kilometres from the party!

Imagine me, dressed up in my sexy red dress with diamantes on the back, looking fabulous for this party. Perhaps overdressed, but at least I’m consistent. My theory is simple – you only live once, you might as well look amazing wearing your favourite dresses whilst you can (and whilst you still have the body for it!). Carrying on, imagine me dressed up and then sitting in a car on the side of quiet, dark road just kilometres from the party. Not impressed.

Thankfully, the Roadside Assistance Company didn’t take too long to arrive. I think they prioritise single females stranded at night, which was good news for me. The man concluded that there was nothing he could do and that I would require towing…..equally not impressed. I sat in my car for a good half hour before being towed thinking about the party I could be enjoying if I hadn’t had bought a lemon. By the time I arrived home that night the party was practically over.

The next evening, there was a dance party on that I dearly wanted to attend. I had thought about taxying it there but couldn’t justify the costs. My other housemate (the normal one) offered me his car which I hesitantly accepted. I promised that I would cover the cost of any damages if anything happened.

I was glad that I made it to the party that night as I had a great time. Also, Mr Spark was there and he came up to speak to me. He asked how I’d been and said that his phone had been broken for a good week. I empathised with how inconvenient that could be (thinking to myself that I knew how inconvenient not having a car was!). We danced for one song and he asked if I’d be interested in meeting him for dinner some time, I said yes.

He later sent a message on Facey saying: Hey, how are you going? There shall be no backing out of our dinner date haha. I think of it though as a chance to get to know each other better. At worst we become better friends, at best well…you know. So don’t think of it as being any pressure. How is your week going and what is the outlook ahead?

I later replied: Haha it’s not too late to bail? My week is going well, thanks. The outlook is relatively busy but promising.

He then said: Haha, I called the dating police and they said bail is not an option. I guess you got to see this one through. I play soccer on tuesday and thursday nights. I’m free any other night. Can that work in with you?

Me: I think you underestimate my resourcefulness…word on the street is that they accept bribes in chocolate. Hmm that could work, when did you have in mind?

Him: Well, I accept bribes in chocolate. I may be revealing too much about myself now though! How about Wednesday night? What part of town are you? Can look for somewhere convenient, being a week night and all.

We ended up setting a date and location!! I’m really excited. Finally, I’ll get to meet with the man that makes me so nervous when he’s in the same room. I wonder why I feel that way? And I wonder if he feels the same about me? I’ll keep you posted!

Things are strange with my new living environment. The landlord-housemate is an unemployed alcoholic who shakes in the mornings from alcohol withdrawal. I’d say he has at least a bottle of wine per night from what I see. The internet hasn’t been connected the whole time that I’ve been here and I really need it for work-related projects! My other housemate is moving out as he doesn’t feel comfortable living there and his Vodka keeps freezing in the freezer….when he approached landlord-housemate he claimed to have had a drink and then didn’t finish it so poured it back into the bottle…’it must have been the ice cubes’ that were causing the Vodka to freeze. Apparently, when landlord-housemate went to organise internet he was served by the other housemate’s girlfriend. She told me that she couldn’t say why (as she’d lose her job) but that she couldn’t provide him with internet….I don’t know about you but alarm bells are going off in my head! Once my car is fixed I’m getting out of here. Besides, he hasn’t given me the garage park for my lemon car that he promised me before I moved in.

I guess the moral of the story is all that glitters is not gold. It’s a stunning house in a good neighbourhood, but with a potentially sinister underbelly that I’d rather not explore.


Image: [Jana Gouthova] ©

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