Something’s on the Nose – Entry 9

Dear Diary

It’s been a little while since I caught up with George. He did send me though a message wishing me a good morning and hoped that I was well. He said it was his birthday this week and that he was celebrating. I wished him a happy birthday but we haven’t spoken since. I’m really hoping that he invites me for a second date!

Surf Guy has sent me a few messages on Facey. Nothing to get excited about. One thanking me for a dance from a dance party I went to recently, and another message asking if I was going to a different party…I didn’t check my inbox for a few days so the party had passed before I read it. I told him that the party was fun (he didn’t end up going lol). I wonder when he’s going to ask me out!

I’m a bit suspicious with my living situation. The landlord-housemate appears unemployed and drinks a lot of alcohol. He’s up late when I come home from dancing and we have conversations that we repeat the next morning, well, late morning as he doesn’t emerge from the entertainment room downstairs until late each day. His poison of choice is alcohol, followed closely by cigarettes. It’s a nice house. I’m curious to know how he can afford it. He does talk about his Swedish Business Partner, Joachim. The other housemate and I think that something is on the nose.

Anyway, now that I’m closer to the city I’m about to go out more! It’s great. At one of the parties I recognised a guy from a few years ago. I was a little repulsed by him as he was interested in me but I’d seen his title on an online dating website that read ‘searching for the elusive unicorn’. I read that and thought he was a nut case so avoided him as much as possible. Seeing him out and about now though, he seemed pretty normal. He’s tall, fit looking and a great dancer. He didn’t ask me to dance but I was hoping he would. For some reason this time I didn’t feel as repulsed (maybe because I felt I could defend myself better now I’ve grown up more?). As I watched from the side like a wall flower I rationalised to myself that possibly his only downside was that he may just be a little bit nerdy and socially awkward? I could live with that. I mean, I think we’d have healthy and fit children if we were to get married. I think I remember him being a school teacher.

Anyway, best be off to sleep. Good night!


Image: [Jana Gouthova] ©

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