Dead End – Entry 8

Dear Diary

I ended up meeting with Marcelo the Latino. I was very excited as he seemed like a really friendly guy and looked cute in his photos. In my mind, I’d decided that I’d be very happy dating this nice, foreign man. From his profile it looked like he owned a dash-hound too, we’d likely get along just perfectly. But, I must say  that I was not overly impressed with the date as a whole. I don’t know what his problem was. Maybe he was intimidated or shy?

The best thing he did was to set the date closer to me as I said it was more convenient. Perhaps, he was resentful for the long drive that I didn’t have to endure? The conversation was very casual and I didn’t feel that there was much chemistry. I tried my hardest to be really friendly and as non-intimidating as possible. The whole date was a struggle because it felt like he didn’t want to be there. He ate his meal quickly and at the end paid first and for himself only. I was a bit put off by this as he obviously didn’t want to see me again.

It was strange that when we left the restaurant he suggested that we catch up again and seemed enthusiastic about it. So much so, that he insisted on walking me to my car – whaaaat? I don’t like hurting people so I agreed. There was no way that he was getting a kiss out of me that night so I made sure that there was sufficient distance between us when we got to my car. I thanked him again and got in the car ensuring no window of opportunity for a kiss. I guess not every date can go well. I really wished that I’d stayed at home to be honest.

On a positive note, Surf guy has sent me a message on Facey! He said it was nice to see me out dancing and that I looked lovely (Yay!)

No word from George yet. Fingers crossed he pulls through. I really thought the date went well.

I haven’t replied to The Englishman yet. It’s been a few days. I guess by now he’s got the point and I probably don’t need to reply…


Image: [Jana Gouthova] ©

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