Ciao Bella – Entry 7

Dear Diary

The date with George was really nice. He seems like a confident, clever and accomplished person. He works in finance and also has an interest in property. He wasn’t particularly handsome nor was he unattractive. I think he is one of those people whose character is what you fall in love with. He was wearing jeans, a deep red leather jacket and a necklace. I can’t say that I was particularly a fan of the jacket nor the necklace. I figured I could get past his fashion sense as he likely hadn’t dated in a while and been without a female opinion on his wardrobe in too long.

I was looking stunning in my black lace dress with black stilettos, delicate cubic zirconia drop earrings, red lipstick, smokey eyes and hair long and flowing. Even the waiter at the Italian restaurant said to me ‘thank you for the beautiful smile’ as I passed on my way to ladies during the course of the evening.

George suggested that we share food that evening, to which I agreed. I actually love sharing meals when I go out with friends! We discussed the menu and he took the lead with suggesting the plates. I liked the idea of them all. He ordered confidently and I was impressed at how he stepped up. I like it when a man is a leader but also considers the lady’s wants.

He seemed like a very generous person. A married couple that he was friends with needed renovations done on their new home, so last weekend he went and dedicated the day to doing the renovations for them. He didn’t expect to be paid as he just enjoys helping people he cares about. I must confess that I was highly impressed by this demonstration of selflessness.

He asked me about my views on diet and as the conversation unfolded I learned that he was very particular with what he’d eat. He sounded like a past me who avoided sugar and processed foods, and limited meat. I explained that due to social pressures I’d introduced more of that into my diet in the past year. I could tell that he didn’t seem too impressed by my lack of ‘will power’. I explained that we’re going to die of something eventually and that small amounts are acceptable, and that we can’t live in an insulated box as we are surrounded by chemicals, plastics and pollution – why not just enjoy life and make sensible decisions without becoming fanatical. I didn’t seem to convince him, but I felt I’d justified my right to eating ice cream and chocolate.

Part way through the dinner he brought up his jacket and how much he loved it. He’d a while to find a jacket in that colour that was the perfect design.

After the main course there was an awkward moment. He started with ‘Would you like to tell me about…………’ I looked at him a bit confused. He continued with ‘You know………..’. I was getting a bit concerned – what on Earth did he want to ask me? There were a few more moments of him staring at me expectantly and me blank faced and confused before I said ‘Tell you about what?’. ‘You know – your previous relationships. What have they been like?’. I relaxed, phew! I thought he was going somewhere much more intense. I felt a little awkward with the topic still, but felt I navigated it well. I said that things just didn’t work out in the past and that was okay, that I was happy with where I was in life. He seemed satisfied with that answer. I didn’t ask him about his past relationships as I felt it was rude to do so on a first date.

At the end of the date we walked to our cars. We both said that we had had a nice time and would like to do it again. At the exit of the car park I saw that he had to stop and pay for parking at the boom gate. Fortunately for me I could reverse, so did and went back to the restaurant to validate my ticket. Upon returning to my car I saw he’d tried calling me and sent a message asking if I could get out okay…that was a good 10 minutes! I replied explaining everything was fine. I hope he hadn’t waited outside for me that whole time. Very considerate of him to at least try to see if I was okay.

It was an awkward end to the night but overall a really pleasant experience and I’d be interested in seeing him again.


P.s. The Englishman sent me through a text asking how I was. I’ll wait a day before replying. Not sure how’s best to let him down gently.

Image: [Jana Gouthova] ©

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