New Opportunities – Entry 6

Dear Diary

I’ve recently moved into an amazing house. It’s modern and the decor is exquisite. I feel very important living here, kind of like a VIP. It’s close to work and social activities too. There’s a garden out the back which is Japanese themed. A Jacuzzi will be installed within the next fortnight – exciting!

My housemate-landlord seems like a player, but he’s a nice enough guy. Not dating material by any means (I’m sure he harbours dormant STIs going by what I know about his youthful days). He says that he studied law and has had success with property.

The other housemate is really sweet and gentle.  He’s just started dating a lady and I can tell he is smitten with her. It’s really nice to see a man so enthusiastic about a lady. She seems just as smitten which is a great. I enjoy their company.

I’ve been out dancing a few times since moving in. There’s a tall man who’s started learning to dance. He has a rugged look about him from what seems to be years of being sun kissed. He invited me to dance a couple of times at one party and apologised for being a beginner. I tried to comfort him by explaining that we all started as beginners. I didn’t spend too long talking with him as Mr Spark was at that party and I was feeling self-conscious. I was a bit unsure as to what Mr Spark thought of me after our last encounter so felt it best to avoid conversation. Why was he so attractive? Why can’t I control things and choose not to like him? My heart still skipped a beat whenever I caught a glimpse of him in the room and I’d look away immediately so as not to stare.

At the end of the party the tall man saw that I was leaving. I was about to execute my Cinderella Act and disappear without saying goodbye to Mr Spark – it would be a successful night of avoiding him completely. I could see that the tall man wanted to talk with me earlier in the night and had his phone out as if he was going to ask for my number. We’d just met so I wanted to avoid this interaction at all costs, I would have felt obliged to say yes so not to hurt him, but would have wanted to say no. As he saw me leaving he called out my name and I turned around. Without giving him a chance to ask for my number I said it was lovely to meet him and wished him a nice evening. I then disappeared from the party. He’s since added me on Facey and from his photos it looks as though he’s a surfer. That’d explain the rugged look. ‘Surf guy’ he shall now be named.

Tonight is my date with George. Let’s hope it goes well!


Image: [Jana Gouthova] ©

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