Online Dating Cherry Pop – Entry 5

Dear Diary

So far, so good with online dating.

I went out for dinner with The Englishman I mentioned earlier. He was exceptionally sweet and baby-faced cute. He’s been in Australia about four years and works as an Accountant. He certainly had managed to preserve his English sense of humour, in addition to his accent. I ordered the gnocchi and he ordered cannelloni. It turns out that karaoke is a passion of his and he is competing in state finals in the coming month – end goal is some competition in the US.

I tried my hardest during the course of the dinner to hold my breath and not cough. You see, he couldn’t afford to get sick, and I was sick with what I thought carried an 80% chance of being contagious. I didn’t like his odds if I started coughing with so much at stake.

The conversation flowed really well with him showering me with compliments and gently teasing me. He wanted to hold my hand across the table. I resisted at the start and then eventually allowed him (he did insist that I was being a tease). It was apparent to anyone in the restaurant that he was interested in me. I did have to take my hand away to cough to the said, to which I excused myself – it must have been the cold night air…. He went on to say that if I wasn’t sick he’d have tried to kiss me that evening….I didn’t know how to react other than just to smile sheepishly (does he not know that a lady doesn’t kiss on the first date?).

The date took a sharp turn downhill coming to the end when he decided to talk about his ex-girlfriend. He had loved her deeply and she, apparently, had walked all over him in the relationship and it ended with her leaving him for someone else. He seemed visually upset talking so I remained silent in sympathy – I mean what would you say to a stranger in that situation? Thankfully, dessert came to interrupt the awkward moment and after that I was able to guide the date to it’s finish.

He walked me to my car and said he’d like to see me again. I smiled and said it’d be nice and got into my car. Inside my head was a completely different dialogue “I won’t be seeing you again as you brought up your ex-girlfriend and made me pay for my own meal on the first date”. I was grateful that I had a cold as he wasn’t tempted to kiss me, what nerve assuming I’d be okay with kissing on a first date!

In other dating news – It looks like I’ll be meeting George soon!


Image: [Jana Gouthova] ©

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