A Sprinkle of Wedding Goss and Why I’m Moving – Entry 155

Dear Diary

There was something funny that I just remembered to share with you from the wedding. Do you recall a few months ago me introducing to you Mr Obsessed (with my married friend)? That was at a different friend’s wedding a few months ago. For maybe 10 years he has been waiting hopefully for my friend to choose him….but she married someone else. Mr Obsessed was invited to their wedding (maybe hoping that she’d change her mind last minute?).

Anyway, back in the day, I don’t know how obvious things were to the other guy, now husband, but everyone else has always known how much Mr Obsessed wanted to be with my friend. Dear Diary, this is where is gets a bit more interesting. Now Husband and Mr Obsessed have some similar physical attributes. Mr Obsessed was not at the wedding on this weekend just passed. But, when the Father of the Bride thanked us for coming to wedding, he addressed Now Husband by Mr Obsessed’s name…..so awkward! My friend, Now Husband and I stayed very quiet. I looked at them both to study their reactions as I wasn’t sure if I heard it correctly. My friend and Now Husband didn’t make eye contact with each other or me….I am sure that they heard it too…..ouch.


During the wedding, I spoke with the Mother of the Bride. She was very happy with my friend’s choice in life partner. She has two other daughters though who Cupid doesn’t seem to favour as much. I didn’t realise, but one of them had recently broken up with her boyfriend of eight years…..eight years! If you include anticipated emotional recovery time, that’s a decade of time down. If she had realised seven, six, five, four or even three years ago that the guy was a time-waster then she may now be in a happy relationship with someone who actually wants to spend the rest of their life with her – she could have even had a double wedding with her sister last weekend maybe? haha. Dear Diary, now do my specific deadlines for Karate Kid that I outlined in The Silent Contract – Entry 153 seem less insane?


When I arrived home from the wedding three things happened that made me decide that it is definitely time for me to move house. Since moving in with my friend maybe a year ago, my car has now been damaged whilst parked on the street THREE times. I have resorted to keeping a large rock in the boot of my car so that I can put it on the road next to my car at night to deter drivers from side swiping my vehicle. Last night I also put extra plant debris for good measure. As things are starting to get desperate, I have thought about putting broken glass on the road too as that’d definitely slow drivers down. The only downfalls with that plan are that I also have to drive on that road and, if caught, I would likely be fined.

The second thing that happened when I arrived home was my housemate greeting with me bad news – the hot water was out again. This was the THIRD time in the past six months and it seemed as though the new hot water system could be faulty. So I showered with boiled water in buckets that night. Not impressed, Dear Diary.

The third thing was that my neighbours decided it was time to play music for the neighbourhood to enjoy. This princess needs her beauty sleep! Though, whilst laying awake in bed listening to their horrible music, it made me think that if I smashed empty wine bottles outside the front of their house to slow the traffic down, no one would ever suspect it was me…..apart from you of course, Dear Diary, haha.

On a random side note, I did some reading into this contraceptive depot injection that I got last week. Apparently, it can cause weight gain – I read this after I got the injection. The pill and progesterone implant don’t cause weight gain but it’s a bit too late to change my mind now. Looks like I’m stuck with the extra hormones in my system for the next three months. My tight jeans will be the deciding factor whether I continue on or not with the depot. The Doctor said that I could only be on it for up to a few years before I’d have to change due to risk of diminishing bone density.


Image: [Jana Gouthova] © 123RF.com

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