Kiss the Ring – Entry 118

Dear Diary

After Karate Kid’s surprise visit on Tuesday night, I pondered what he could be scheming for the date on Thursday. Surely, he wouldn’t take to me a live drawing class…but he is Karate Kid after all.

He hadn’t been in contact with any info so I daydreamed a few options and decided that he must be taking me out to a nice restaurant. I made sure my hair was washed and straightened before work on Thursday and chose my outfit and accessories. I wouldn’t use my good perfume as I didn’t think it was worth putting in too much effort (maybe a Friday or Saturday night date) – the every day scent would suffice.

Leaving work on Thursday I received a message from Karate Kid “Did you say you prefer a female or male model? :p”.

Hhmmm this text didn’t instill any confidence. I hoped that he was bluffing. He gave me the venue details and then asked if I’d be able to make it by 7PM (it was 5.30PM). In my head, I’d decided that he was coming to pick me up and take me. I wasn’t impressed seeing this message and wanted to protest – should I tell him that it wasn’t possible and that he should have given me the plan beforehand? I put down my tiara for a moment and rationalised that it was out of his way to come to pick me up with such time constraints. He had been visiting me at my place a lot in the past few months and I’d hardly lifted a finger when we caught up. He has racked up a few miles whilst frequenting me….so, I supposed it was okay for me to drive myself there on this occassion.

Despite not being hungry I wanted to make a point and asked if I should eat beforehand. He said to bring snacks and something to drink. I’m not a supermarket! and he really should have told me about this sooner. I left the house without food or drink. He needed to learn to plan things better.

I arrived at the rundown art studio he told me to go to and it was closed. Interesting – maybe he was taking me out to dinner after all! I was convinced that he’d pull up in his car at any moment to whisk me away to a romantic dinner. A few minutes, later Karate Kid arrived on foot and pretended to look surprised that it was closed “What will we do now?” He asked with a cheeky smile on his face. He took my hand and said that we should go and figure out what to do. There were a few restaurants close by, maybe he would take me to one of them?!

We walked for about 30 metres and then he stopped and asked me again what we should do. I said I didn’t know and so he said “Let’s go this way”.

We started walking down the street and then he detoured into a house which had a staircase leading underneath. It was an art studio. My blood pressure started to rise – would there actually be a naked model waiting?

Inside, one of the art teachers greeted us with a big smile and said “You found your girlfriend!” We were both a little awkward and just ignored the comment. The other students inside were all young women. Karate Kid was the only man. It seemed too casual for a live model drawing class…I surveyed the room again, yep, pretty sure everyone will have their clothes on tonight. Then the instructor brought out the painting we would be copying that evening – phew! – a lady standing in a city with an umbrella.

The class was lots of fun. Karate Kid enjoyed being the only boy around and sang along out loud to some of the songs playing in the background. He listened to my suggestion to add the Bat-signal in the sky of his painting. We shared each others paint colours too which was kind of cute.

At the end of the class I thanked him and gave him a big hug. I really enjoyed it and was so relieved that there were no naked people. He laughed. It was getting late so he walked me to my car and we sat inside and spoke for about half an hour before I went home. Neither of us had eaten dinner so hopefully this reinforces the need for prior planning in future.

In my car, he said that he was thinking of going to the dance congress this weekend that I’m going to. I don’t know where he’ll sleep without a pass, let’s see if he does end up going (could it be because Mr Friendly is going too that he wants to make sure that he’s there to intercept?)

We shared a few kisses before parting. Karate Kid seemed different to usual, less of a jerk. I’m still technically single, though. I’m not giving myself to any man that easily.

On a side note….the Lady Cupid at work who approached me about The Secret Admirer is trying to fire arrows at me (Fortunately, I’ve seen The Matrix!). At work when I was on a phone call she waved at me through a panel of glass and I acknowledged her. She then waved again and started pointing at Secret Admirer standing next to her helping a client – talk about awkward! I looked up, briefly acknowledged them both and then promptly disappeared (thank God for cordless phones!). I don’t mean to be rude, but don’t they both realise that he could easily pass as my Father? – Help me!


My painting in low definition:


Cover image: [Jana Gouthova] ©

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