Preparing for the Worst and Hoping for the Best – Entry 80

Dear Diary

In five hours The Spaniard will arrive. I’m excited but also anxious as my Father is on the war path. I’ve told him at least three times to “be nice!”. He has been teasing his name and also suggesting that he’ll be requiring a wheelchair. Maybe allowing the Spaniard to come was a bad idea?

The sleeping situation has already been decided without discussion. My Father has prepared the spare bed in his room for The Spaniard. I can’t begin to imagine how uncomfortable it will be for our guest. In terms of us having quality sensual time together, well, The Spaniard will need to be creative. There’s no way he’ll be able to take a step within this house without my Father knowing where he is at all times and at all hours.

I sent a message to my Mother to keep her in the loop. I reasoned that it’d be better for me to tell her about The Spaniard before my Father. She is a bit alarmed to say the least. I’m sure she’s stressing as we speak as she knows how overprotective my Father can be. She’s also concerned that I may fall for another foreign man like multiple times in the past.

I must confess to not sharing some important information in earlier entries. The Spaniard and I are friends on Facey but he has restricted what I can see on his profile. All I can see are a handful of posters for dance parties and then in 2015 a photo his ex-partner tagged of them when they were married in what looks to be a civil ceremony. She’s wearing a floral knees length dress with black ankle boots and he is wearing a blue collared shirt and jeans. It appears that no expense was spared. Based on the timeline, their son would have been three years old roughly. All I know is that he’s been separated since some time in 2016, used Tinder (I saw the app on his phone that he leant me) and he’s definitely available  (please refer to previous entries as behavioural evidence).

The curious thing is that he’s extremely interested in me. Despite not hardly knowing me he’s chasing harder than anyone I’ve met (and mutually liked) in a long time. Could it be my citizenship that is appealing? My comfortable job and income that’s caught his attention? I just find it so hard to believe that he’s faking it as he seems to be following his heart. Some translated exerts that he’s sent to me are:

“[When booking the flights] it’s crazy but worth it to be together with you”

“[In reference to a photo of us together] how beautiful are we together…above all you”

“Good night beautiful flower”

“Well princess….wishing it was Saturday night so that we could be in a big hug, tasting your sweet lips and enjoying your company. You’re an amazing woman”

“…you know what….I REALLY LIKE YOU” (you enchant me is the direct translation)

“Good morning amore”

“I can’t wait to see you”

I know you’re thinking that words are cheap. I’m well aware of this. In person though he is really convincing. The other thing too is that all his messages are unprovoked – I never send the first message, I make him wait a few hours before I reply and I seldom give him personal compliments. I heard from him at least once every 24 hours.

The other important observation is that no other Spanish man has been head over heels for me. I’ll get a few compliments from older men when I am out on the street but nothing from the young men. I’ve been out dancing a few times too and nothing! This is an important yard stick as it demomstrates that The Spaniard’s actions aren’t daily occurrences.

I did log onto Facey to post some pics of my trip so that I could free up some storage space on my phone. There was a message from Karate Kid, he said that he was feeling cold and wanted my body to keep him warm. He also said that I need to bring him a souvenir….like not! Anyway, in a week I’ll be back home and he hasn’t tried to lock in a time to see me – is he really that interested? Or only interested in sex? Do I hold on in hope that he’ll man up? Or should I see how things go with The Spaniard?

By posting pics on Facey it may have rustled some dormant potentials. Mr Obsessed (the one obsessed with my married friend) sent a text asking if I was back. I won’t log in to Facey for a few more days but am curious to know if anyone else is excited that I’m “back”.

Only a few more hours until The Spaniard arrives at my doorstep. Wish me luck and I’ll keep you updated where discreetly possible!


Image: [Jana Gouthova] ©

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